What is Gaiaway?

I find that Gaiaway has always been present in my life.  For me it is a way of life, a force, an impulse.   Gaia loosely translated is the personification of mother earth, and in Greek mythology she was the creator and giver of birth to the Earth and to the Universe. This has translated for me into a deep love of nature.   I find I am most energized, enriched and feel at home when I am connected to nature and living caretaker Earth principles.  Gaiaway encompasses the richness of the deep earth, its elements and physical and spiritual energies.    It is this relationship to the natural world, seen and unseen, that I have nurtured and tended through the years.

From this relationship comes my own healing and ongoing renewal.  I have also been privileged and in awe at the effects and transformations in other's lives. I know whole-heartedly we are not separate from the earth and all her living and nonliving energies, but have a rich and dynamic connection, if we so choose to be aware of it.  In that awareness we find that we are also deeply connected to one another, to the earth, to the Universe, through  heart to heart connections.   When we choose to heal ourselves - to find our joy, peace, inner guidance and hidden gifts - by the web of interconnectedness we are also healing our greater community of families, towns, countries, and beyond.  It is truly a win-win!

It brings me much joy to be of service to the community, to nurture and empower others to discover their highest selves and blessed soulfulness.     I share from my own personal passions and experiences, knowledge, and trainings that have guided me on my path.  I hope to be a resource to others, to assist in community connections, and offer energy sessions as needed.   I believe my work is guided by Spirit, to continue my own personal journey as well as assist others in finding their own stories and voice.

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